When I couldn't sleep I could look at this view all night... 

Having some issues w/insomnia and it's made me miss New York and the time I lived there. Im for sure moving back.

Bedford Gusset

I have been craving the Céline trio bag for months now, but 1000 dollars is a bit much for a small crossbody bag in my opinion (note: im on a studentbudget)

Instead MK's Bedford Gusset Crossbody Bag is simple and perfect for travelling, shopping etc, and it also fits both my budget and me.


Interior design obsession

All of a sudden I've become very interested in interior design. Simple, minimalistic pieces in earthy colors such as black, white, grey and brown are key.

Im getting my own place soon. Will probably not look as good, but hey - a girl gotta dream...


A better read

So its this time of the year. Coats, scarves and leather gloves. You'll find me inside trying to study for my exams, but falling for the temptation of doing something completely else. 

"Dødtid" by Karpe Diem & Akam1k3 was such a better read than my economics curriculum.

Round 3

Third time around... Deleted all my previous entries on the blog, and hopefully now I'll actually stay around. Third times a charm, right?